About Us

ESSI (Enterprise Services and Systems Integrations) is a full service IT broker delivering innovative and creative information technologies and services to federal, state and local and commercial clients. Acting on behalf of the client, and with no product agenda or interest in promoting services from any single provider, ESSI is uniquely able to assess our client’s requirements without product bias or pre-disposition. Only after an appropriate needs assessment has been completed will technologies and service providers be introduced to our clients for consideration and evaluation of capabilities.

As a small business, the objective at ESSI is to maximize the client’s investment in information technology by identifying small and medium sized technology providers with solid past performances and proven capabilities. The technologies our partners provide are innovative and highly creative addressing the needs of IT professionals in a variety of disciplines. Often, our partners have developed technologies which are embraced in the commercial sector and are seeking to bring their success to the federal market. ESSI assists these pioneering businesses by matching their technologies to the specific needs of our clients. The benefit to our clients is the implementation of an affordable solution utilizing innovative technologies which directly address our client’s specific IT requirements.